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Passwordless - The Setup

Lets lay out the kit list:

  • Surface Pro 6 for Business

  • Microsoft 365 E3 licensing

  • Windows 10 Enterprise (through E3 licensing)

  • YubiKey 5

  • Microsoft Authenticator for Android (Huawei Mate 20, but could be any mobile device really)

The first thing we're going to need to do is to enable secure-key authentication on the Surface Device, and we'll be doing this using Intune.

The following Microsoft article will help with enabling security keys on your Windows 10 devices.

When enabled you should see the following extra sign in option.

Once you've enabled security key authentication, you will need to register your key on your Microsoft account. This is as simple as opening Microsoft Edge browser and browsing to the "my sign-ins" page here.

Ok, we're all set, you should now have a registered Yubikey and the ability to log in without a password, let's see this in practice.

Passwords be gone(ish)!

I'm going to be using passwordless log in as my primary login method over the next month. The aim is to remove the use of passwords completely.

Next up - Passwordless with web logins.

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