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Automating Microsoft Teams Naming and Deployment

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Ok, one of the top tips for Microsoft Teams governance is to name your teams in a way that is readable and understandable to your customers.

This poses a problem, even with the best guidelines and greatest training there will always be an instance where the policies were not adhered to if you leave Teams creation abilities open to all. This leaves us with the option of locking down teams and stopping our customers from creating Teams, forcing them to create service requests for manual creation. Tedious!

Due to the above-mentioned problems, we developed an alternative option, this can be used with your service request tool, Microsft 365 Sharepoint/Forms, ServiceNOW etc to create an automation flow that names your Teams in a standardised way, it also enables you to create teams with standardised channel deployment for saying announcement channels or training channels for every team you create.

Essentially it's a PowerShell script that calls the GraphAPI and creates your team from the parameters it requires. You could use this on pretty much any automation tool that utilises the PowerShell scripting platform.

Here's the script, please feel free to tear it apart and use it as you need, my advice is to create a service principal in Azure to automate access and authentication, Highly advised to deploy a certificate-based automation principal to tie the login to the box you're using (if possible).

If you need any advice on how to do this, drop me some comments or give me a shout on linkedin.

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