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5G and the adoption of Virtual Desktops

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

What is a virtual desktop?

It’s a desktop that runs from a public or private cloud (cloud is just a fancy way of saying remote datacentre). Meaning all of the resources (CPU and memory) do not need to be local to the machine running the virtual desktop. Virtual desktops (often referred to as VDI), deliver an image to an endpoint (something that accesses the virtual desktop). The image presented shows what is happening on the virtual machine (in the cloud) negating the need for high performing (costly) endpoints.

It’s like a live stream of your desktop delivered to you from the cloud via an endpoint (Macbook, Windows 10 desktop, or any other connected device such as a mobile phone)

So we have the basics of what a virtual desktop is, so why aren’t we all using them?

A significant challenge with virtual desktops is the need for a reliable, quick, internet connection (blue line in the graphic). Without a stable reliable connection, your endpoint cannot communicate effectively with the virtual desktop. Why is this an issue, well, it makes VDI a problematic proposition for those on the go.

We believe 5G’s impact on the virtual desktop industry can drive significant adoption.

What is 5G?

5G (like 4G before it) is a mobile communications network, transferring your calls and data to your mobile phones, 5G plans are to create connected cities. 5G improvements include faster speeds (theoretically 100x faster than 4G) and lower latency (the time delay that takes place during communication). Latency estimated at 1 millisecond whereas current averages in the UK (for 4G) range between 40.7 to 52.4 depending on your network provider used.

5G provides almost instantaneous communications and blazingly fast mobile download speeds all on your mobile phone/any 5G connected device.

So what do we see in the future? With this level of connectivity, the limitations of VDI for that commuting become lessened.

5G mass adoption in the UK gives us a virtual desktop with the power of the cloud at your fingertips.

If you want to find out more please give OneTen Technologies a call.

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